Dear retriever friends,

We are looking back on a great International Working Test 2016 in Belgium and now looking forward to hosting the Individual Challenge Cup for the first time after organising the very first Coup d’Europe in 1993, 23 years ago.

It will be a pleasure to welcome more than 24 dogs, the best from all over Europe to compete in this prestigious event. We are prepared to ensure a high level competition.

We are extremely grateful to Mr. L. Bergen for granting us access to his wonderful shooting grounds on both ducks and pheasants. Without shooting people and estate owners who support our passion, organising an event like this is simply impossible.

I also want to express our special gratitude to the organising committee and to everyone taking part in the preparation and realization of this ICC, as well as to all our invaluable sponsors.

This remarkable event is also an excellent opportunity to meet your foreign friends and build new friendships in the retriever world!

We hope to welcome as many nationalities as possible on October 22nd & 23th in Belgium!

Kind Regards,

Stef Bollen
President of the Belgian Labrador Retriever Club